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John Lambert on the Australian ATV Distributor's Position Paper.

John feels that the Australian ATV Distributors position paper is a discredit to the industry and to the writer of the paper, due to misleading and/or biased content. This document was produced by scanning the original position paper, converting the text via OCR and inserting comments. John’s comments are shown in blue throughout.





John Lambert on the Forklift Assessment Instrument.

Comments by John on parts of the previous April 2012 Assessment Instrument - Licence to operate a Forklift Truck (the content of the November NAI is different). This document is here so that others can be aware of the deficiencies that existed, and may still exist, in the Forklift NAI. Hopefully RTOs and workplace safety officers across Australia will exert pressure on Safe Work Australia to improve the NAI. In order to maximise the safety of forklift operators, the RTO should incorporate the missing topics in their training.