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Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness Work


Expert witness investigations and reports for legal cases in following fields:

•  Heavy Vehicle related – crashes, load restraint (securement), innovative designs, safe and efficient loading and unloading;
•  Materials handling – crane incidents, forklift safety and related pedestrian safety; materials handling equipment; safe storage of materials from a risk injury point of view;
•  Agriculture – mobile machinery incidents, towed machinery incidents, fixed machinery incidents (for example dairy milking plants, grain storage facilities, …);
•  ATV/ quad bike incidents

Expert witness investigations and reports for Workcover organizations (Worksafe, Comcare, Workcover…) into fatalities, serious injury incidents, serious incidents in the fields above;


*NB: The submenu items are not currently linking to the further detail on jobcases and our expertise. We apologise for that, and depending on workloads will prepare and provide the further details online later this year. Thank you for your patience and understanding.